Denver Hoods: South Broadway

South Broadway has always been one of my favorite places to drive around in Denver. The street goes clear from downtown Denver’s Capital Hill all the way to the ‘burbs of Littleton. Liz and Rachel caught me up on what I had missed as new places and eateries are popping up left and right, and of course some of my favorite old places to stop by are still there and were in need of a visit. Gosh this part of town is just so wonderful. All of the signs are divine and the colors are perfection. It’s spunky, fun and filled with adorable shops. Complete candy for the whimsical eyes.

. . . . .

Some of my favorite parts of South Broadway:

Beatrice & Woodsley – Bar/Restaurant

El Diablo – Mexican Restaurant/Bar

Fancy Tiger – Fabric Shop + Vintage Shop

The Hornet – Bar/Restaurant

The Mayan – Movie Theatre

Sputnik – Bar/Restaurant/Photobooth

Starlet – Women’s Whimsicle Fashion Boutique

Sweet Action – Ice Cream Parlour

. . . . .

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6 Comments on “Denver Hoods: South Broadway”

  1. alliemmoore says:

    you forgot the world’s best Goodwill!

  2. motderire says:

    Your pictures are so great ! And Denver seems to be a wonderful place.

  3. Liz says:

    Pistachio! Sweet Action is the bee’s knees, man.


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