While I was in Beirut- living in Hamra- I had a hard time ever finding a map.

After the whole summer, I decided to make my own map. I came across it recently and thought it should be on here!

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A Glimpse of a Beirut Summer

Music: “XXXO” by M.I.A.

This is the video I made last summer in Beirut. ‘Twas a summer full of memories & random vocabulary. A big cheers to all of the amazing people I met on that trip!  Hope you like it!


Beirut: An Overview

Of all the treasures that Beirut has to offer, I must say that the food hit me the hardest. I love Lebanese food! I don’t know how people go through their lives without trying it, quite honestly! Mmmmm… the Man3oushé, the little pastries, the falafel, the lebneh, the zatar, the taboulé…. everything! I must say that with 6 weeks in Lebanon, I was pretty much in heaven roaming the streets for snacks everyday…popping into hole in the wall shops with windows full of little pastries and breaded snacks like Faysal’s. Thinking about it makes my eyes water. But also, in downtown Beirut, I put up some photos that I love: of the mosque, strawberry juice, my favorite cupcake shop, Sugar Daddy’s, and of course- where we became locals….Li Beirut in Hamra. Wow, mostly food, I suppose…

I think I tried enough hummus, as well, because at the end I felt hummus-ed out… but now I miss it back in Paris, it’s not the same!

Can’t wait to get some more Beirut in my life. I gotta soak up some sun on the seaside.

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Sugar Daddy’s Bakery

Of course I would find a cupcake shop in Beirut. And these ones are moist, sweet, and absolutely scrumptious.

Tucked behind the upper gate of LAU lies a precious street full of sweetshops in Qoreitem. Amongst the baklava shops and candie shops is a petit shop called Sugar Daddy’s Bakery (for a brief history on the immersion of cupcakes in Beirut with Sugar Daddy’s, click here) with cupcakes and pie galore (and not to mention… carrot cake). You can also grab a lil’ ‘ahway’ to go with your cupcake or treat during their morning Happy Hour or grab it all to go. And of course, since it’s Lebanon, delivery is indeed available. (1 Cupcake = 3,000LL).

Check out their website for more information on custom orders and cakes, and definitely stop by and grab one of their superb cupcakes for a little taste of heaven, or a taste of home– depending where ‘home’ is– but a cupcake is sure to brighten your day in any situation. The cupcake is officially global.

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Sugar Daddy’s Bakery

Telephone: +961 787487

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Oh My Harissa



Tucked off north of Rue Gouraud in Gemmayzeh is a little shop: Kitsch. In this little shop, your mind can wander through all of it’s precious things. Little books, little knick-knacks, and of course: little cupcakes. Although the cleverly-touched clothing is often a bit up in price range, it is still a wonderful place to browse. It may be tiny, but it’s certainly a place filled with treasures. Grab a cupcake or a muffin, and sit and chat in the living-room-like-café, with lovely mismatching couches and precious tables.

Address: Right north of Rue Gouraud (14 rue Gemmayzeh), Gemmayzeh

Telephone: 01 575 075

Website: www.kitschconcept.com


Walking in with Shakira blasting is always an invigorating feeling.

Then, by playing the two of the most popular songs played on my iPod, this place immediately became number one in my book. Fantastic Latino atmosphere with crazy Lebanese women dancing on tables = yes please.

Even though the cocktails are roughly 13,000LL and beer for 10,000LL, you’re bound to make your stay at Sepia worth it with admiration of the modern industrial bar and major music hit remixes so loud you can barely hear someone three feet away from you (in a good way).

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Address: Rue Gemmayzeh

Telephone: 01-656 777

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