Trimmed tree traditions

Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 1 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 2 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 3 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 4 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 5 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 6 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 7 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 8 Trimmed Tree - De quelle planète es-tu? - 9

My mother loves ornaments. She loves tradition. Every year we know we will each get a glass ornament that fits our person ever so perfectly, and every year our tree grows more full, trimmed and filled with  many memories. It’s so comforting  to come back over the years and look at an ornament and know exactly to whom it was given and what makes it the ornament of that person. She’s got a way of understanding and observing people. A way of inserting a puzzle piece into the puzzle of their being like the perfect gift. She just gets it. And it has shaped who I am today. My love for the little things and obsession for observing is without a doubt from this woman, and I wouldn’t have it any other day.

I’m so grateful to appreciate and care about tradition. Knowing that every year at this one time it will be the same…no matter what… Something about it is ironically refreshing and moving. What do you have without tradition?

So many moments. So many feelings. One time of year. It’s the holiday season, and it’s deep and filled with so much emotion, even unexpectedly!

Merry Christmas to all, and all a good night.

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I think about Halloween as a kid in Colorado, and how I would plan my costume over the summer. My mom would make the most fabulous costumes… it was the staple of autumn. Running through the cornmazes, wandering streets with layers underneath our costumes, warming up Tootsie Rolls in my hands because the Colorado snow had frozen them in my pillowcase and I wanted oh so badly to gobble one up, drinking hot cider as the snow sometimes fell lightly against the moonlit sky… these memories are all so vibrant in my head.

Our house would be decked out head to toe with pumpkin lights on strings and fake spider webs and stashes of candy on the top shelf of the pantry. Paper plates always in orange and black and matching pumpkin napkins. It almost seems like it was another life.

Here in France, Halloween is not exactly the same Hallmark traditional holiday, but it is so refreshing every year to get a little care package from my maman to bring back all of the autumn and spooky memories.

She has the best taste in little trinkets and gifts. Nothing like a pinch of American Halloween in my little Parisian apartment. Let’s just say Louis loves candy corn now. There’s no such thing as a Halloween without candy corn, right? I hope your Halloween is filled with spooks and treats.

Don’t forget to watch Hocus Pocus.

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